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AppLaunch is a MacOS X tool written in Objective-C/Cocoa to launch common Unix and MacOS commands using a “graphical command line”. You can say that it is the MacOS X version of Windows', KDEs, … “Run”/“Launch” dialog. more …


There is AppLaunch 3.1 available, refer to the download page for details about this release. If you want to have a look on it before you decide downloading AppLaunch, there are some nice screenshots of it. The documentation section also contains useful information about the latest release. Information about older versions can be found in the Releases Archive.

Latest News

AppLaunch 3.1 features different X11.app   2010-09-08 20:14 - AppLaunch
Today the minor release AppLaunch 3.1 became public. It fixes some little bugs in the UI and acknowledges changes in SourceForge.net's wiki system. As a major advance there is now also support for X11.app from x.org resp. Xquartz. This should improve the programs functionality on Mac OS (Snow) Leopard.
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AppLaunch 3.0 released   2008-04-12 21:41 - AppLaunch
I'm very proud to announce the new AppLaunch 3.0 release. Three years and a Mac later all your wishes for improvements come true:

• tab completion
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AppLaunch 3.0 with some very nice features   2008-04-02 17:00 - AppLaunch
The upcoming AppLaunch 3.0 release will contain some very nice features: Building the application from the CVS sources you get an AppLaunch which does tab-completion, lets you alter environment variables and supports executing commands with super-user rights.
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